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3D Concept Art : Vol 1

New Tutorial just launched. '3D Concept Art : Vol 1'

In this tutorial I cover my workflow that I have developed over the years for creating 3d Concept Art. I start off from a simple thumbnail sketch and end up with a final Concept Piece. This tutorial is an overview of my macro workflow and is software independent, so no matter what 3d Software you use all the lessons will apply. I cover more theory and process than specific software details, so this course is perfect for all skill levels.

Software used : Maya , Daz3d, Redshift, Photoshop

- Tutorial Info -

Chapter 1: Layout

Chapter 2: Kit Bashing / Assets

Chapter 3: Set Design

Chapter 4: Characters

Chapter 5: Lighting / Materials

Chapter 6: Painting Part 1

Chapter 7: Painting Part 2

Run Time : 2 hr 20 min

Layer Build :

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